Roy’s List – praying for change in confidence for you.

What it is..

I have felt moved to create a list of people (all anonymous) for whom I will commit to praying for every morning. I have spoken to most of you privately about the issues that you would like resolved. Recently, I have had the privilege of seeing prayers answered and I feel the time is right to launch this.

How Roy’s List works:

This email address is reserved solely for this purpose – it means I see emails instantly.

All communication is blind copied from me so no-one knows who is on the list

Anyone can email me privately on this email to ask for additional prayer items

The sole commitment on your part is to tell me when the prayer has been answered,

At this point I will ask you if I can share this with the group for everyone’s encouragement but this is not compulsory.

This is not connected to any one church but if any of you want personal face-to-face prayer, I lead the prayer ministry at St Edward’s Burgess Hill and have a quiet space during Communion when this takes place (10-11am)

If you do not want to be prayed for please let me know by return.

To repeat: This is entirely confidential. Nothing you ask for prayer for will be made public – and the decision to go public when the prayer is answered is entirely yours. No-one is on the list publicly.

The prayers can be for anything that is troubling you – and can be for friends and family but must be specific.  We all want peace in the world but this is for individual needs and encouragement.

I hope that this will be both uplifting spiritually and reassuring personally to know that you are being prayed for without fail every day.

God bless

Roy 😊

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