The Author – a snapshot

Dominic at Westminster

Dominic at Westminster

With Callum in the studio

With Callum in the studio

I have now spent over half a century as a confirmed adherent and advocate of freedom – spiritually, mentally and politically. This has meant many life and career changes but few regrets.

I have two fantastic sons, Callum and Dominic. Callum graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary College, London and is working for a digital marketing company based in Brighton and Dominic is returning to London after 2 years in France, completely bi-lingual and with a job with the major French sportwear company Decathlon. He graduated from Exeter University in Politics with a 2:1, having been Student Union President and the Youth MP for the West Sussex area whilst at Worthing College.

After leaving teaching I worked in the recruitment industry for six years before moving into advertising, first in Eastbourne with GSBA Ltd and later with AWP Communications in Chichester.

When I left teaching I helped set up Worthing Hospital Radio which spawned a bid for a full-time licence for Brighton in 1995/96 as New Wave Broadcasting.

107.7 Splash FM became Worthing’s very own radio station on the 5th September 2002 and started to broadcast on May 5th 2003 from studios in the centre of the town.

In January 2003 I took on the role of MD of Splash FM with the task of taking it to air in May. After three enjoyable years, the call of the wild beckoned again. In September 2006 I took over Spring Marketing as MD –  a company I set up with two partners in Nov 05. I was founding Chairman of the Worthing Business Partnership -Worthing First – set up in Nov 04 to drive the future economic success of Worthing. I was also on the Board of the Worthing Evolution Masterplan – the blueprint for development in the town centre for the next decade. I spent nearly three years in an Industry that I realised didn’t care for the way I do business – personally and with a lot of myself built in.

After working with my good friend Andrew Sercombe I developed an interest in auto-response psychology (anything where you might say ‘I just can’t help it’) – finding myself increasingly fascinated by the hidden processes that drive what we do and say – sometimes without our realising it.

I’m someone who doesn’t like parameters, barriers or fences. I’ll try and climb over them, burrow under them or just pretend they don’t exist – until they don’t. Sometimes I’ll write about the mind in a poetic way, or poetry with neural undertones, or I’ll proselytise endlessly about my favourite new band – or one of the old ones. My Blog will give you the keys to the kingdom. A kingdom with no borders, no expectations and, therefore, no failure..

Because I am endlessly curious in people, their motivation, their behaviour and their quest for knowledge, I work in communications, sometimes known as marketing.

Nobody in advertising works, but we do play very seriously.
Sometimes as I stare out towards the South Downs or the English Channel I know that a great many activities would not have come into being if they hadn’t assembled quietly in my head first.

I have continued my life-long fascination with music and radio by hosting a show ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ on the Sussex community radio station Burgess Hill Radio 103.8FM (

This goes out Sundays 3-5pm and I also host the following show with Matt Staples 5-7pm called ‘The Lost Immortals’ with a Facebook page to support it that has >850 followers, providing suggestions of lost or overlooked music that has evaded success.

If some thoughts have started gathering in your head too. If those thoughts are even more baby-like, then text this number 07803 269154. I’ll call you.

After all, when you think you know it all, isn’t that the best time to ask the next question?

One thought on “The Author – a snapshot

  1. Thank you Roy, for subscribing to my blog. I read what you wrote in your Gravatar and immediately decided, I want to read what he has to say and signed up to follow your blog. I shall return ( 🙂 ) to slowly trawl through your blog. Keep well and be free as always, Eric


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