The Whole Nine Yards Season 2 Episode 73 French Pressings: French songs that crossed the Channel with Roy Stannard on Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM

With Roy Stannard

On Mid Sussex Radio 103.8FM

Sunday June 19th 2022 3-5pm

French Pressings

France has a great reputation for many things (revolutions, stifling bureaucracy, snails) but pop music is not on the list. Despite being the country that produced the genius of Daft Punk, the breathtaking soundscapes of Air, and eccentric sixties Whitney Houston fan Serge Gainsbourg, little French music is heard outside Francophone countries.

So where does this negativity come from? A lot of it comes from French people themselves, who are not overly keen on the musical output of their own country. And the fact that French radios are legally obliged to play 40% French music. Which is a bit like having to do your homework before you get to go on the playstation..

So this week we’re playing some of the best and in some cases very familiar French songs, many of which got translated into English and then went on to be huge..

Playlist :

Hour One

Yves Montand Les Feuilles Mortes Les Feuilles Mortes 1946

Jacqueline François Que Sera Sera Que Sera Sera 1956

Edith Piaf  Milord The Very Best of Edith Piaf 1959

Jacques Brel  Ne me quitte pas Jacques Brel 4  1959

Jacques Dutronc  Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi 1966

Gilbert Becaud  Je t’appartiens Encore plus de Becaud Disque 1968

Françoise Hardy  Comment te dire adieu (Remaster 2016) Comment te dire adieu 1968

Mauriat, Beck, Longine Love is Blue (mix) Love is Blue (mix) Roy Stannard Productions 2020

Nicoletta  Je ne pense qu’à t’aimer Il est Mort le Soleil 1968

Kevin Ayers And The Whole World Puis Je (Bonus Track) Shooting at the Moon 1970

Serge Gainsbourg; Dominique Blanc-Francard; Philippe Lerichomme Requiem Pour Un Con (Remix 91 Version Longue) La Pacha OST 1971

Veronique Sanson  Amoreuse Amoreuse 1972

Julie Pietri Et c’est comme si (I Go To Sleep)  Et c’est comme si 1982

Hour Two

Johnny Hallyday  J’ai Oublié de Vivre C’est La Vie 1977

Anne Pigalle  Souvenir D’un Paris Everything Could Be So Perfect 1985

Mylene Farmer Et Seal Les Mots French Hits 2002

Big Soul La belle et la bête Funky Beats Vol 1 2001

Benjamin Biolay Joggers Sur la Plage Rose Kennedy 2002

Mylene Farmer  C’est Une Belle Journée French hits 2002

Alain Souchon  Et si en plus ya personne La Vie Theodore 2005

Kery James Lettre à la République 92-2012  2012

Camp Claude  All This Space Swimming Lessons 2016

Juliette Armanet A La Folie Petite Amis 2019

Jorja Smith ft. Dosseh  Blue Lights [French Remix] Lost and Found 2019

Grand Corps Malade & Camille Lellouche Mais Je T’aime Mesdames 2020

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