Sunshine Follows You

Sunshine Follows You


I first heard Terry Carvey performing this track in a back street bar in Worthing, West Sussex. It was a ‘no mic’ night and everything was pared back, unadorned and raw. Terry had written ‘Sunshine Follows You’ for his wife Sally and it was written with love and affection, but lacked an arrangement, and Terry had yet to produce a full instrumental context for the song. However, I could hear a great melody and memorable lyrics through the chatter, banter and room echo.

I suggested immediately to Terry that he get together with a producer friend of mine, Owen Vyse, who is no mean R’nB performer in his own right. Owen added lead, rhythm, bass, drums and keys and magically realised the full soul glory of this song. It exudes Isleys, Bell Records, Stax, Sam Cooke and a touch of Paul Weller.

It could be the song of the Summer. Who is going to get to it first?


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