Getting the Business Edge

Sussex Enterprise Business Edge Magazine page 39 Aug/Sept edition

When I arrived at ad agency Zerofiftyone on the 4th January I embarked upon an audit of the affiliations, memberships, connections and outbound communications used by the agency. Many of the memberships including Sussex Enterprise, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, CADIA (Crawley & District Industry Association) and Wired Sussex were in the name of a short-lived digital media offshoot called Blue Herring.

As this deflected from the primary brand, it was decided to drop this – but all the links were in this name. As the branding had reverted to ad agency Zerofiftyone Digital I used this as an opportunity to telephone all the membership managers of the organisations we belong to and bring them up to speed.

I have also created a Facebook Places presence for the company and logged it as a location on Foursquare.

If you drive past our offices in Peacehaven with your Smartphone applications switched on you will detect an invitation to pop in a have a complimentary cup of coffee over a chat about your marketing strategy.

Since January I have also joined the Worthing Theatres Trust as a Trustee/Board Director and because I maintain the website, the Twitter account and the Facebook page there has been a lot of activity on the internet over the last few months.

After ringing Business Edge magazine (the members magazine for Sussex Enterprise – circulation 12,000 businesses) to ask why the magazine was printed in Gateshead (a perfectly reasonable question to a title set up to nurture and defend Sussex business), the magazine offered to put me into its Movers and Shakers page. Despite arriving in January and the piece appearing on page 39 of the August/September edition, it was good to see it finally appear.

I insisted on a credit and website link for Maria Scard, a fine photographer who kindly took the photograph free of charge at a recent event. She will be tagged in this piece as well. The beauty of social media is that it is easy to promote like-minded businesses without resorting to the traditional avenues such as sponsorship or co-promotion.

Writing a blog post about it and connecting it to all my sites is another easy way to communicate outwards.

You reading this now is testament to its efficacy.

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