Adorable’s last album – Fake – another lost classic

Adorable - Fake

Dismissed by some as less immediate than its predecessor, ‘Against Perfection’ (1993), ‘Fake’ is actually better written and produced with at least three all-time classic rock songs and impassioned singing throughout from Pete Fijalkowski.

The reason that Adorable have lasted better than some of their contemporaries (Slowdive, Ride, Curve etc) is that Pete’s voice and guitar playing are completely timeless. The sheer romanticism of tracks like ‘Submarine’, ‘Road Movie’ and ‘Have you seen the light’ lift the album onto a different plane. If Submarine were issued now as a single it would sell a million.

Alan McGee and Creation were already pressing the eject button on Adorable’s career when this album appeared in 1994. Oasis were looming and the world was  contemplating between curtains of greasy hair the widening sluice gates of grunge. The wonderful guitar heroics and sheer glamour of Adorable could not compete at this base level. The dynamics within the band were splintering and Pete’s adherence to an old fashioned work ethic wasn’t shared by the other three. Shame on them.

The album finishes with the angry cry of ‘Fake’. Adorable were anything but.


1.  Feed Me

2.  Vendetta

3.  Man in a suitcase

4. Submarine

5. Lettergo

6.  Kangaroo Court

7. Radio Days

8. Go easy on her

9.  Road Movie

10. Have you seen the light

Go on, treat yourself.

2 thoughts on “Adorable’s last album – Fake – another lost classic

  1. I agree totally! I’m listening to it as I speak. Saw them way back when, in London, supporting Bob Mould / Sugar. Superb. Quite similar in feel to the Irish band ‘Whipping Boy’.


  2. Thanks John

    Pete Fijakowlski lives nearby me in Worthing and has commented on the Blog before now.

    He still performs as a solo artist in clubs and pubs.

    Highly underrated. I have a Whipping Boy album somewhere Heartworm – Twinkle was a single from it.

    By the way, if you are into this kind of thing I host a radio show every Thursday on (Seahaven FM 96.3 FM – in Seaford/Peacehaven/Newhaven) that you can listen to live online Thursdays 7-9pm.

    Other listeners share your good taste!

    Best wishes



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